Education is one of the most important ways by which the Church fulfills its commitment to the dignity of the person and the building of community.



Diocesan Courses of Study

St. Michael School follows the Diocese of Columbus Kindergarten through Eighth Grade Graded Course of Study, which have been approved by the Ohio Department of Education.  These courses of study are based on national and state standards which establish the baselines for what students are to know and demonstrate.

To view pdf versions of individual Courses of Study click on the links below:

Foreign Language
Language Arts
Physical Education
Science – Revised 2011
Social Studies
Visual Arts

Success Maker:  Kindergarten

What is SuccessMaker?
Instructional software that provides elementary and middle school learners with adaptive, personalized paths for mastery of essential reading and math concepts and delivers outcome-based data to inform educational decision making.

One-on-One Instruction. With a strong focus on the most critical math and reading concepts, individualized learning for every student becomes a reality with SuccessMaker.

Real Engagement. The program is highly interactive, addressing multiple learning modalities and making students active participants in their learning.  The game-like formats of many activities are challenging and motivating so learners can’t wait to use the program.



Orchard Language Arts Program 4-8

What is Orchard Language Arts?
Orchard Language Arts allows for individualized instruction that remediates, reinforces, and extends learning through the use of a computer program that offers a balanced approach to instructional content by offering comprehensive and engaging language arts programs.

One-on-One Instruction Orchard Software offers a wide variety of instructional approaches that meet individual learning needs. The focus is on motivating students to come back again and again for more individualized and time-on-task learning. Within the program the students  focus on reading, writing, and grammar through a variety of instructional approaches that meet individual learning needs.

Students in Grades 4-8 spend 30 minutes weekly using the Orchard Language Arts Software.