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The St. Michael School library strives to provide a welcoming, safe atmosphere in which students can deepen their knowledge and love of reading.  Each week students in kindergarten through 4th grade visit the library for instruction and book checkout.  Some of the topics covered are book care, proper library behavior, self-checkout, how to locate books on the shelf, authors and illustrators, and fiction versus non-fiction.  Grades 3 and 4 work with the online catalogue and bibliography during instruction time.

The librarian works with the teachers in grades 5-8 to help with classroom instruction.  Some of the topics for older students are science fair brainstorming, History Day, InfOhio databases, MLA guidance including in text citations and annotated bibliography, primary and secondary sources, and genre.

Destiny Online Catalog
We use the Destiny Online Catalog which can be accessed from the following link:

Once you arrive at this site, click on the St. Michael School link and then search the traditional online catalog.  Or, after clicking on the St. Michael School link, you can click on “Login” in the upper right corner to log into Destiny Quest where you can access your own circulation record, renew books, place holds, view/create lists, and search for books!

Accelerated Reader
We are a Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader school and subscribe to the full package of quizzes.  AR is a progress-monitoring system that provides data on overall reading comprehension of the entire school, groups, and individuals through quizzes taken on books read.   If parents are interested in checking the progress of their student’s AR quiz taking, they can use the following Home Connect link: and then use their students actual AR username and password to log in.  (Please note:  No quizzes can actually be taken from this site or from anywhere other than the school network.)

And don’t forget the AR Quiz Store at where students and their parents can find book reading level, quiz point value, and quiz # information before they ever commit to reading a book.  If a quiz has been created for a book, you will find it at this site.

Each year, the library chooses a new AR race theme for classes to compete against each other and for students to track individual progress.  It’s just for fun but competition is stiff!  This year’s AR theme is “Carry Out a Good Book” and it’s all about pizza!  One wall of the library is covered with 6 giant pizzas.  Toppings with student names are added based on the amount of points each student has earned.  For example, once a student has earned 10 AR points, a pepperoni topping will go up on one of the pizzas with their name on it.  For 25 points, they get a mushroom topping, and so on.  Another wall displays the class race.  Each home room, grades 1 through 8, is teamed with another home room and each team has a pizza pan on the wall.  Teams earn pizza slices for their pans based on AR point goals.  The first team to reach 4000 points will fill their pan with slices and win!  What does the winning team get?  A pizza party, of course!

Our holdings consist of 10,000 volumes.  Currently our collection offers print books to our students but the future will most likely bring e-books!  (Who doesn’t love their Kindle or Nook?!)  Teachers have access to our print collection, plus a number of professional magazines/journals, and videos/DVDs to use in instruction.

We rely heavily on INFOhio, a collection of research databases accessible to all Ohio K – 12 students, their parents and their teachers.  Many of these research databases are referred to often during library instruction sessions, especially with grades 5 – 8.  The web address for INFOhio is  If prompted for a username/password, it is “learn” and then “infohio.”

Book Fairs
We have one fall and one spring Book Fair.  Eighth grade students help lead the Book Fair efforts each year by organizing and promoting it.  Thank you, 8th grade!

Author/Illustrator Visits

We also conduct one author/illustrator visit per year and an 8th grade committee helps with this event as well.  Seventh grade students are invited to begin work on the following year’s author visit around December of each year.

Library Instruction
The School Librarian teaches grades K, 3, and 4 weekly and grades 1 and 2 on a bi-weekly basis.  Grades 5 – 8 receive formal library instruction from the librarian on a project-needed basis.  When these grades are working on projects/papers that require research, the librarian loves to work with them, showing them useful databases, helping them tweak their Internet searches or identify and locate books, and assisting them to evaluate and analyze their research findings.  She works closely with classroom teachers to cover the research instruction needs of each group based on their assignments.

Library Volunteers
Our busy library could not be successfully run without the generous help of many parent volunteers!  Thank you!  Additionally, there are a number of 6th grade library leaders who help in the library before the school day officially starts each morning and during recess and end of day bus calls.  Thank you, too!  You are all such wonderful help!

If you are interested in sharing your time with us in the St. Michael School Library click here for more information on volunteering.