Education is one of the most important ways by which the Church fulfills its commitment to the dignity of the person and the building of community.



Many of our current programs at Saint Michael School exist because students asked for them!  Among such activities are the drama club, History Day and many whole class and small group projects.  All students at Saint Michael School are eligible to participate in enrichment activities.  Students may sign themselves up for the program.  Teachers and parents may also sign children up for the program.

Classroom Activities

Kindergarten participates in Enrichment activities once a week to share literature based projects.  Two whole class activities are provided.

Primary students participate in small groups meet once a week for thirty minutes.   These groups complete their project in 5 to 6 weeks.  Each grade level will work on whole class activities, too!

Intermediate students work on whole class projects and in small groups with Type II or Type III activities.  There are extracurricular activities available for these students.

Junior High
Junior High students participate in many extracurricular activities.  A list of some of these opportunities can be found in the extracurricular section of this site.

All of our junior high students write an oratorical speech based on the Optimist Club’s yearly theme.   Our students participate in a career unit culminating with a Career Day.  They also participate in the Geography Bee. Eligible students take a high school Algebra class.

Other Offerings
Our students may choose to participate in the Intervention Convention. Three students go on to represent our school at the State Invention Convention in the spring.

Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students compete in National Geographic’s annual Geography Bee.

Eligible students take a national test as part of the Midwest Talent Search.

High-achieving mathematicians from grades six through eight who pass a qualifying test may participate in our Math Club.

Enriching Extracurricular Activities

Drama Club
Students of Saint Michael are very interested in drama. As a result drama clubs are offered as an enrichment opportunity. Several different drama groups meet throughout the year, often during the lunch hour. They include opportunities for our fourth through eighth graders . Each six-week experience culminates in a theater production before a mixed audience of students and adults. This year’s presentation is entitled Into the Woods.

Opera Club
Interested fifth through eighth grade students may sign up to attend an opera. This educational night includes a lecture and the opera for interested students. Selected students are chosen to perform in the chorus with Opera Columbus during their school production.

Literature Circles
Dedicated and talented readers are grouped together and attend an enriching literature circle. They choose a genre, select books from our library and participate in book talks twice a week for a month.