Get Involved

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.

Hebrews 13:16


Get Involved

At. St. Michael School, we welcome and deeply appreciate the generosity of our parent volunteers.  We could not do our jobs without you!  Different kinds of knowledge, skills, interests, and experiences are needed to provide a well-rounded education for children and so the involvement of volunteers in our educational mission is truly valuable. Volunteers can participate in many ways – reinforcing learning skills; monitoring small groups of students; assisting in the Media Center, cafeteria, health screening, and much, much more. A volunteer sign-up sheet will be sent home in the first day packet as well as on an “as-needed” basis. When volunteering in the school, upon arrival please report to the office to sign in and sign out when you leave.

According to the Diocesan policy #4110.00, all school staff and volunteers who have care, custody and control of students must have on file a current Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) criminal background check and must attend the “Protecting God’s Children” workshop.

Volunteers are indispensable to our efforts. Your participation will help to ensure the best possible environment for our young people.

Below are a list of some volunteer opportunities within the school.  Please click on each link for more information.

Volunteer’s Code of Conduct

Volunteers are accountable to the pastor and principal and must respect confidentiality. They adhere to civil and ecclesial law, policy and procedure concerning the reporting of neglect, suspected abuse or imminent physical harm. Volunteers should be aware that they have considerable personal power because of their ministerial position. Therefore, they will sustain respectful ministerial relationships, avoiding manipulation and other abuses of power. Physical, sexual, or romantic relationships between an adult volunteer and a minor are unethical and absolutely prohibited. Volunteers must model healthy and positive behaviors with minors. Procuring, providing, or using alcohol and/or controlled substances for or with minors is unethical and is prohibited. Volunteers are aware of the signs of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse or neglect. In addition, volunteers are aware of their limitations with respect to paraprofessional counseling and make appropriate referrals, as well as being aware of and complying with all applicable parish, organizational and/or diocesan policies with special attention to sexual misconduct, safety, transportation, parental permission, and medical emergency policies.

In case of an emergency, volunteers should remain with their assigned class.