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Holy Father’s Lenten Message

Posted on: February 13th, 2013 | School News

The Holy Father has concentrated his reflections for the 40 days of prayer, penance and almsgiving to “the indissoluble interrelation” between faith and charity. The Pope writes ‘”faith is a gift and response, it helps us know the truth of Christ as the incarnate and crucified Love, full and perfect obedience to the Father’s will and God’s infinite mercy towards others”, “charity helps us enter into the love of God manifest in Christ, and joins us in a personal and existential way to the total and unconditional self-giving of Jesus to the Father and to his brothers and sisters.

“The greatest work of charity is evangelization, because “essentially, everything proceeds from Love and tends towards Love. This Year of Faith, Pope Benedict XVI has dedicated his Lenten message to the relationship between faith and charity, entitled “Believing in charity calls forth charity.”

In the message the Pope addresses the issue starting from the definition of faith as “response to the love of God”.”Faith – writes Benedict XVI – is this personal adherence – which involves all our faculties – to the revelation of God’s gratuitous and “passionate” love for us, fully revealed in Jesus Christ. He notes “Sometimes we tend, in fact, to reduce the term “charity” to solidarity or simply humanitarian aid. It is important, however, to remember that the greatest work of charity is evangelization, which is the “ministry of the word”.

The Pope writes: “There is no action more beneficial – and therefore more charitable – towards one’s neighbor than to break the bread of the word of God, to share with him the Good News of the Gospel, to introduce him to a relationship with God: evangelization is the highest and the most integral promotion of the human person. Faith he concludes, precedes charity, but faith is genuine only if crowned by charity.

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