Whoever receives one such child in My Name receives Me; and whoever receives Me, receives not Me but Him who sent Me.
Mk. 9:37


After School Care

Dear St. Michael School Families,

Thank you for expressing interest in our St. Michael After School Care program. 2011-2012 was our first year of after school care and it went very well. That being said, we are continuing to improve the program as we see fit. We hope that our efforts show our understanding of how important it is to ensure the safety and security of your children after school, while at the same time providing a fun, disciplined, and positive atmosphere. For the duration of last year we worked on obtaining an Ohio State Licensure for the program and are now at the point of becoming fully licensed.  We hope to receive our license in the early months of this school year.

Beginning on the first day of school, we will again provide after school care in the undercroft of the St. Michael church building. The program will make use of the St. Gabriel room, playground, and cafeteria.  In order for your child to be placed in the after school care program for the 2012-2013 school year, we have made up a new packet for you and your family. Please fill out the forms (which may be printed out using link below) and bring them to the school office at the start of the school year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.





Listed below is an overview of the program.


  • 3:00 Arrival and bathroom visit for hand washing
  • 3:10 Prayer and snack
  • 3:30 Physical exercise, playtime (outdoor, weather permitting)
  • 4:00 Homework
  • 4:30 Mini-snack and quiet time (indoor reading, crafts, puzzles & games)
  • 5:00 Outdoor playtime (weather permitting)
  • 5:30 Clean up and quiet indoor activity until parent arrival
  • 6:00 Program concludes for the day



  • To assist parents in the care of their children in the after-school hours by providing children with loving, supervised attention.
  • To provide this care in a comfortable, safe, and disciplined environment.
  • To reinforce the Gospel message in its fullness each day during the AfterCare program hours.
  • To provide children with care providers who understand and appreciate the value of the human person, and therefore, the dignity of each child, treating each child and fellow staff member with honor and respect.
  • To provide children with healthy, nutritious foods for snacking in the after-school hours.
  • To provide children with ample time and opportunity each day for physical exercise/activity.
  • To allow children the time and encouragement each day, as far as possible, to complete their homework assignments.



Personal discipline

  • Keeping hands to self
  • Proper respect for parents, adult caretakers, other adults
  • Proper respect for fellow classmates, including turn taking and sharing
  • Use of words to express feelings and frustrations
  • Special consideration of younger children by those who are older
  • Behavior in accordance with the message of the Gospel
  • Outdoor rules and playground behavior
  • Importance of keeping personal space clean and ordered
  • Group participation in cleaning up of toys, materials

 Personal Hygiene

  • Proper use of toilet facilities
  • Proper hand washing procedures
  • Proper procedures in event of injury
  • Guarding of mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing


  • Puzzles adapted to age level of child by size and number of pieces
  • Puzzles and games incorporating mathematical concepts and skills
  • Legos and building blocks, yo-yos
  • Saint of the day, brief history and accomplishments
  • International appreciation, foods, customs, culture • Dolls and dollhouses, dollhouse furniture
  • Board games to include chess and checkers, adapted to age level of child
  • Chapter books, picture books, nature magazines appropriate to child’s age
  • Arts and crafts, including origami, drawing, use of glue and scissors • Care of household pets
  • Exposure to major genres of music during playtime and quiet reading time
  • Required individual reading during quiet time
  • Limited scientific experimentation including environmental exploration
  • Limited use of educational videos

Physical Activity

  • Group activities and games (musical chairs, field races, tag,hide-and-seek etc.) some of which can be played both indoors and outdoors
  • Limited indoor gymnastics
  • Soccer, and basketball, kickball, passing the football
  • Jump rope and hula hoop
  • Walking (in event of field trip)

Social and Emotional Well-Being

  • Use of “Please” and “Thank you”
  • No gossip
  • Apologies and forgiveness
  • Using words to express feelings and frustration
  • Personal and group share time

Click here to download the After School Care registration form.

Click here to download the After School Care handbook