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1 Thess. 5:21


Technology Committee

St. Michael students may use over 245 computers and 60 printers on the school network. There are two mobile labs containing 80 laptops on a wireless network. The computer labs are a source for developmental instruction for students and teachers.

All of the classrooms have mounted SMART Board interactive whiteboards and data projectors. The SMART Board interactive whiteboard is a large, touch-sensitive display connected to a computer and projector. The interactive whiteboard is like a giant computer screen that students and teachers simply touch to operate. Using their finger or a pen as a mouse, teachers and students can access and control any computer application, file or multimedia platform, including the Internet, online textbooks, CD-ROMs and DVDs. They can also write over applications in digital ink, then save their work for future study and review.

St. Michael School Technology Committee

The Technology Committee is in its 17th year of existence at Saint Michael School. The period of the first three years saw tremendous growth and expansion in the application of technology, especially with respect to personal computers. The role of the Technology Committee is to provide guidance and recommendations to the school on the application of technology for both academic and administrative needs.

The Technology Committee is comprised of parents, interested adults, and staff members and meets formally one evening of the month during the school year. They also meet at various other times throughout the school year and during the summer break to perform equipment and infrastructure maintenance, as well as configuration and implementation of new technology in the school.

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