Whoever receives one such child in My Name receives Me, and whoever receives Me, receives not Me but Him who sent Me.

Mk. 9:37



Parents are encouraged to instruct their children on proper behavior to and from school, as well as the danger of going with people unknown them. Please tell your children to respect other people’s property. Students are not to cut across lawns, yards, etc. and are to respect the other person’s right to use sidewalks.

Students in Grade 4 and above are permitted to ride bicycles to school. They must obey all traffic rules. Students must walk their bikes on the sidewalks around the school, church, and the parking lot. Bicycles should be locked when put into the bike rack and are the total responsibility of the student. The use of mopeds, scooters, rollerblades, and skateboards is not permitted.

The right of students to ride the bus is conditional on their good behavior and observance of rules. Habitual disturbers are subject to the forfeiture of this right, either temporarily or permanently. The discipline procedure will typically be:

  1. the first written discipline slip from the bus driver – conference with student and possible written warning;
  2. the second written discipline slip from the bus driver – conference with student and possible suspension from the bus;
  3. the third written discipline slip from the bus driver – conference with student and possible expulsion.

In all cases, a parent will be requested to sign the discipline slip as a notification. It will be the parent’s responsibility to confer with the proper transportation personnel (i.e. bus driver, transportation supervisor, principal, etc.). Please check on your children from time to time at the bus stop. If a student should miss the bus, he/she must report to the school office if arrival occurs after 8:15 a.m.

Any questions regarding transportation should be referred to the District Bus Coordinator at the appropriate number from the list below:

  • Columbus – 614-365-5074
  • W.C. Brunk, Inc./contracted for Columbus Public – 614-451-0947
  • Dublin – 614-764-5926
  • Olentangy – 740-657-4080
  • Worthington – 614-883-3180


Please do not drive your cars into the playground area any time the children are out at recess. Special caution should be taken at dismissal times. When dropping off your children before school, use the Selby  parking lot cone area and have your children walk down the front sidewalk to the front doors. At the  dismissal time or when picking up your children for an appointment, please use the High Street entrance.

Car riders are dismissed to the gym at approximately 2:40 p.m. Parents must enter through the gym entrance door, which will not be opened until 2:45 pm. Parents who arrive after 2:30 to pick up their child(ren)  will be directed to the gym for pickup.

The parking lot across the street from the school, east of Sharon Square Shopping Center, may not be used  by any parishioner, staff, or parents of students during the business week.

Going Home a Different Way
Students who desire to leave school by a means other than their normal route must present the school administration or their designee with a note in the morning signed by one of their parents for the following instances:

  1. a bus rider who accompanies a walker, and
  2. a child going home by a way other than their normal means. In both incidences, the parent of the receiving home must also present the school administration or their designee with a signed note.

The school administration or their designee will sign both notes. Due to bus liability, students may not ride any other bus but their assigned bus, nor will permission be given to any student to accompany an authorized bus rider.

Walkers will be dismissed at 2:55 p.m. (after the buses depart). All walkers will exit by the front doors and will use the crossing guards. Walkers who are picked up by car will be considered a car rider and must be picked up in the back parking lot.